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Taylor Swift New Real Bob Haircut 2016

Taylor Swift has always come up to be the famous style icon among the fans just by the way of showing her so unique form of hairstyles. This time she is back again with yet another outstanding hairstyle named as “Real Bob Haircut”. Do you want to know more about Taylor Swift hairstyle? Talking about the name of Taylor Swift she was born on 13th December 1989. She is professionally known out to be the leading American singer plus at the same time she is a known songwriter as well as actress too. In whatsoever field she has entered in all of them she has taken back home great sum of appreciations and applause. In the year 2006 she came up with the single debut album that was the start of her career.  After the success of the first album in 2008 she came up with second album known as “Fearless”. In the 12 years of time span she has grab tremendous fame and reputable success.

Taylor Swift New Real Bob Haircut 2016

Taylor Swift Bangs blonde hair color

 Taylor Swift New Real Bob Haircut 2016 Pictures?

                                        No doubt that bob haircut has been always identified with the terms of being timeless in styles. This is the main reason that this time Taylor Swift has made the choice of bob haircut to be the center of attraction of the fans.  It comes up to be so stylish on her and complete sexy in appearance.

Taylor Swift hairline and short bob haircut

Pictures of Taylor Swift New Real Bob Haircut 2016:

            In the pictures you will check out Taylor Swift has even add up the hairstyle with some layers that is giving away this classic hairstyle with much more trendiness and unique flavors. It can be ideal and can be worn as for both curly as well as straight and with spiky waves.

Taylor Swift hairstyle in short hair length fornt and back view

How To Get Taylor Swift New Real Bob Haircut 2016?

  • In order to get the real bob haircut just partitioned the hairs as into 4 equal sections. The first section will going to be divided as from forehead to the nape of the neck and then part from the top of the head down to the top of each ear. You can secure it at one place just by far making the usage of the butterfly clips.
  • Now just cut down with the straight line that is hence along the back at the base of the neck. You can continue cutting it until and unless you don’t feel that your hairs are getting the basic bob style touch.
  • As from the place of the center of the nape just hold over the inch section of hair out vertically cut at a 45-degree angle.


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