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Vv Brown Hairstyles Rolled Bangs 2016 How to Do

These days among the teenage girls and women the hairstyle trend of Vv Brown hairstyle is getting out being much demanding and famous among the fans. She has kept rolled bangs hairstyle that is quite alot unique and much different looking as well. Vanessa Brown as known by name of VV Brown is one of the top most famous and well known British indie pop singer-songwriter. She has even worked up professionally as being the model and record producer. She is the eldest of six siblings. She has always been much passionate about learning the musical classes so she has therefore taken special classes in classical and jazz piano. She loves to do hip hop dancing and even listen such type of musical styles. Her favorite artists in the hip hop musical style are J Dilla and Q-Tip. At the same time she has studied violin at the age of 9.

Vv Brown Hairstyles Rolled Bangs 2016 How to Do

Vv Brown bangs hairstyle wigs

VV Brown Rolled Bangs Hairstyle:

                 Rolled bangs hairstyle is one of the famous hairstyle since the 1940s. It was kept for the very first time by famous pin-up girl Bettie Page and hence after that time it made a special place in the fashion hairstyle world.  Yet again after so long time this hairstyle is again coming up as the latest 2015 fashion trend. It is romantic looking and sweet in appearance.

Vv Brown Hairstyles 2016 trends

How To Do Rolled Bangs Hairstyle?

  • To do the rolled bangs hairstyle you will need a brush, rat comb, hair rat and some bobby pins.
  • First of all just make the hairs as free from the tangles by combing the up. Make sure that you just section off your bangs into a triangle with the coverage of the tail end of your rat comb. The top point of your bangs should be all the way starting at the very center of the top of your head, and the two side points should extend to the outer edges of your eyebrows.

Vv Brown Hairstyles Rolled Bangs 2016 How to Do

  • Give the bangs with the smooth appearance by combing them up yet again! Just wrap the tips of your hair just all around your hair rat, and roll your bangs under and up toward your forehead. Make sure that you bend the ends of the hair rat into a simple “U” shape and secure it to your head by the way of using the bobby pins.


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